Our company offers English-speaking taxi drivers who provide you high quality transport with low fare services all over Hungary. Driver Service is also available. Our taxi drivers are immaculately presented, courteous, attentive and discrete. Our service is tailored to meet the demands of english-speaking taxi drivers but it is not limited to transport. Our drivers asssist you with everything.

Why choose us?

  • Our English-speaking taxi drivers have undertaken extensive training in order to treat you in the most professional manner.
  • We can give you a fixed price before the journey.This means there are no unpredictable meters or hidden charges.
  • for long distance journeys for the  purposes of business meetings, conferences or any other circumstances, which involve waiting time, we will offer the transfer with no charges for 3 hours of the waiting time.
  • Estate car for no extra charge.
  • Our years of experience enable us to provide proactive, and reactive level of service.
  • With our computer aided GPS taxi despatch system we can despatch the nearest taxi to your pick-up point anywhere in Hungary.
  • Our goal is simple: to provide a quality service tailored to your needs at a competitive price.
  • Long distance is our speciality, yet no journey is to short for us, whilst at the same time no journey is too far and nothing is much trouble for us.
  • On Time, All the Time. 24/7 365 days all over Hungary.



































































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Sofőrszolgálat magyarország Driver Service Hungary

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